It all started with...

Tammy's passion for sweet and beautiful treats. Following this passion led Tammy on a journey discovering the joys of cake decorating, that was well over ten years ago.

After completing comprehensive classes in Cake Decorating and industry experience working as a senior trainer instructing cake decorating students Tammy decided it was time to realise her dream and created Tammy Iacomella Cake Design

Decorating cakes provides me the opportunity to use my skills and artistry to produce entirely handcrafted edible creations. I love incorporating additional elements such as edible painting, sculpting edible figurines and sugar florals to compliment my designs.
Inspiration comes in many forms from fashion, nature, beautiful art works even architecture and sculpture. When something striking catches my eye one of my first thoughts is often how could that be re-created in sugar?

Tammy's qualifications to date include a three year Certificate of Cake Decorating and completion of numerous Master Classes with world renowned Pastry Chefs and Cake Decorators. 

 Tammy is actively involved in several industry association groups and has been extremely fortunate to have had  multiple successes in competitive cake decorating. Her work has been featured in publications both local and international. Tammy Iacomella Cake Design allows Tammy to combine her passion for cakes and sugarcraft whilst enjoying a part-time nursing career.

Tammy spent her early years living overseas but proudly calls Perth, Western Australia home. She is happily married and has two gorgeous grown sons. When not making beautiful cakes Tammy loves to read, cook, exercise, wander through art galleries and travel. Family, friends and laughter are everything!