I like things to be simple, elegant and calm…

Like many of us I’m busy during the day with my professional career but in my spare time at home my kitchen is my creative hub. I have nurtured a passionate interest and fascination for the culinary arts specifically cake decorating and sugar craft for well over ten years now. In the early years I was obsessed with the quest for perfection when recreating realistic sugar flowers however over time I have come to appreciate a more relaxed and stylistic version of sugar work. This is the real world after all and our everyday is full of imperfections and imbalances and it is these small indelible nuances that I embrace and treasure.

Recreating a sugar Peony or Rose with extra petals, movement or colouration that you wouldn’t ordinarily find in nature is my expression and ‘capture.’ I love creating designs that tell a story and reveal a simple and elegant aesthetic. I am constantly inspired by our everyday environment filled with light, colour and movement. One of my proudest achievements has been receiving commissions to create beautiful cakes and sugar arrangements for a vast array of clients and students based here in Perth, across Australia and overseas.

Celebration and Cake I feel go hand in hand!

I think my professional background lends an order and symmetry to my creations but I try not to be limited by trends or expectations. I have transitioned from supplying premium couture cakes for clients and providing weekly tuition to cake students to now concentrating on small boutique gatherings facilitating cake and sugar craft tuition on a needs basis. In addition I welcome creative collaboration with like minded affiliates and will happily provide commissioned projects for marketing purposes, styled shoots and digital content.

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